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No. 22 - 2017
  • Special Issue: Cross-cultural Foodways   ( 7 articoli )


    Cross-cultural Foodways in Literature, Media and Society

    edited by Linda Rossato


    Food and literature

    · Alison Armstrong, "Eating, Reading, Cooking, Writing: foods fit for gods, heroes & anti-heroes in Homer and Joyce"

    · Silvia Masi, "Food Across Time and Space: Pinocchio and its English translations"

    · Claudia Alborghetti, "Gianni Rodari’s Grammar of Food: translating Italian food language into English in children’s literature in the UK and the US"

    Food and the media

    ·  Ana María Hornero, "Parfait de Traduction: the translation of culture specific items for the Spanish audience in films about French cooking"

    ·  Ira Torresi, "Home and the Family in Mulino Bianco Advertising: 40 years of (gendered) Italian social history translated for the consumer market"

    Food and society

    ·  Laurent Binet, "France, Food and Globalisation: 'Gastronomic Patriotism' and its limits in language, attitudes and political discourses"

    ·  Roberta Giovine, "Foodways and the Food-Mediated Identity of Muslim Migrants in Northern Italy"


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