Tuesday 23rd of July 2024


La traducción periodística del español en los periódicos italianos: un  primer panorama
Sara Bani, Università degli Studi “G. D’Annunzio” Chieti-Pescara pdf_icon_30x30


Abstract: Although translation has been a widespread practice in journalism since its birth, only recently has news translation gained space as a subarea in research within Translation Studies. This study focuses on a corpus of translations from Spanish into Italian collected from three mainstream newspapers («la Repubblica», «Corriere della Sera» and «La Stampa»), covering the period 2000-2011. First of all, this article describes how the corpus was designed and the difficulties entailed by the invisibility of journalistic translation; secondly, a quantitative analysis is carried out in order to identify the most recurring typologies and themes; finally, the study examines the key role of time, one of the main constraints of news translation.

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