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No. 25 - Special Issue 2019
  • No. 25 - Special Issue 2019   ( 12 articoli )


    On the move: constructing, rethinking, narrating identities

    edited by Sara Castagnoli and Francesca Raffi


    · Sara Castagnoli and Francesca Raffi, "On the move: constructing, rethinking, narrating identities"

    · Valeria Reggi,"Producing the Self and the Other: Stereotyping and Nationalism in the Rhetoric of Matteo Renzi"

    · Gaia Aragrande, "Separatists, Rebels and Ukrainians, Who’s Who in the Eastern Ukrainian Conflict"

    · Ilaria Villa, "Identity Construction and Spaces In-Between: The Checkpoint and the Tunnel in the Television Series The Aliens"

    · Francesca Raffi, "Linguistic Diversity in Italian Migration Films: A Case Study of Segre’s Io Sono Li"

    · Alessia Polatti, "Do Second-Generationers Return 'Home'? The Counter-Diasporic 'Trans-Plantation' of the Children of Diaspora"

    · Annalisa Bonomo, "Thinking Our Way(S) Home: Identity Navigation, Story-Telling and Self-Translation in Licia Canton’s Writing between Italy and Canada"

    · Eleonora Natalia Ravizza, "Tracking the Routes of Trans-Atlantic Identities. Fictions of Memory in Caryl Phillips’ The Atlantic Sound"

    · Paolo Bugliani, “ ‘A Little Embroidery of His Own’: Giuseppe Baretti as Cultural Mediator in Eighteenth-Century Europe”

    · Denise Filmer, “Mediating Migrants: Trust and Identity in Communicating the Migrant Crisis on the South East Coast of Sicily”

    · Barbara Franchi, “States of Insecurity, Insecurities of State: Home, Masculinity and Empire in David Mitchell’s Black Swan Green

    · Maria Luigia Di Nisio, “’Seething in Oily Rage’: Greek Myth and the Woman Question in Emily Pfeiffer’s Studies from the Antique


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