Wednesday 08th of December 2021


La version arabe du Rapport 2017 de la Banque Mondiale


Sylvie Chraïbi, ENC, Paris, CLESTHIA (EA 7345), Sorbonne Nouvelle pdf_icon_30x30




AbstractThe World Bank's discourse, historically and politically based on the United Nations directions, has a certain ideological orientation. Today, the mission of this financial institution is to fight against poverty, using management strategies. Originally written in business English (English being the Bank’s working language), the 2017 report has two main foci: on the one hand, concerns about growth, performance, results; on the other hand, ethics, as a “label” that the Bank needs to promote. In this paper, the Arabic version of the report is analysed, with the aim of showing to what extent it contributes to the construction of a particular discourse on poverty in the Arabic language, including specific lexical and phraseological items or collocations. In this respect, the Arabic translation appears to follow a two-fold approach. On the one hand, a “revisited” lexicon is used (أداء: performance, شامل للجميع: inclusive) to indicate a managerial positioning. On the other hand, lexical resources marked by cultural references (تعزيز, تحقيق, تعاون, تقدم) are also tapped into, for better readability and probably to make the message more acceptable for addressees.

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