Monday 05th of December 2022


Riflettere sulla (s)cortesia nella scuola primaria. Un percorso di formazione e sperimentazione educativa dedicato alla pragmatica linguistica

Stefania Ferrari, Università del Piemonte Orientale pdf_icon_30x30


Abstract: 'Oggi facciamo pragmatica' is a teacher training and action-research project launched in 2015 at various primary schools in a mid-sized town of Northern Italy. Its main goal is promoting inclusive language education practices aiming at developing both pragmatics and grammar. To be more precise, the project integrates the development of communicative skills and the ability of reflecting on grammar rules and on the set of norms which guide the selection of these rules within a specific communicative context. After presenting the teacher training modules as well as the structure of the teaching units for pupils, the paper describes a set of activities focusing on linguistic (im)politeness conducted with primary school fourth graders.


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