Thursday 08th of June 2023



La prise de parole de sans-voix allophones : apprentissage du français et intégration socioculturelle


Elisa Ravazzolo, Università di Trento pdf_icon_30x30



AbstractThis contribution focuses on the ways of giving voice to a group of allophone migrants who participated in a project of social and cultural inclusion promoted by the museum of art and history Paul Éluard, in collaboration with two neighbourhood cultural centres. Thanks to this project, culturally and linguistically vulnerable people were able to improve their knowledge of the French language and to tell, write and perform stories in the public and symbolic space of the museum. In this article we examine in particular the discursive strategies and the interactional dynamics that led to the creation of a book of art and stories inspired by the objects of the museum and to the oral representation of some of these stories.


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