Friday 20th of May 2022


L’écriture fictionnelle comme médiation culturelle (au musée d’art et d’histoire de Saint-Denis)


Jean-Paul Dufiet, Università di Trento pdf_icon_30x30



Abstract: To recognize and promote the cultural rights of a group of immigrants learning French, the Musée de Saint-Denis has built a mediation system that has transformed the visitors to the collections into fiction authors. Each participant chose an object from the museum's collection, and with the help of the French teachers, he freely created a fictional narrative in the form of a tale. All the texts were published in the volume Racines. It is the mediation system and the published book that we analyse in this article. First, we show the challenges of the mediation system and how it enriches the museum's collection with new meanings, then we examine the role of fiction and the third person in the written expression of the participants-authors. Finally, it is highlighted that all the tales constitute a fictional representation that is not limited by the condition of immigrant.


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