Friday 20th of May 2022


Les sans-voix du « je » au « tu » en passant par le « nous » : une question pronominale et un enjeu sociétal


Nadine Celotti, Università di Trieste pdf_icon_30x30


AbstractThe paper addresses the possibility for the so-called “voiceless” to act in social and institutional spaces and interact within dialogical

dynamic relations. It focuses on personal pronouns. I-You relations are among the most distinctive human features. The analysis concentrates first on the “I”, the first-person pronoun; then on the “We”, as an inclusive pronoun that may create a space allowing the voiceless to appropriate the “I”; and finally on the “You” of the Authority that may not listen to the voiceless’s “I” thus preventing the unfolding of dialogical dynamics. The paper is mainly based on findings stemming from the observation of activities carried out by associations such as “Archipel des Sans-voix” and “La parole des Sans-voix” whose work aims at empowering the socially vulnerable.


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