Friday 20th of May 2022


Sans-voix, sans parole, sans ressources : que peut dire la perspective interactionniste ?

Véronique Traverso, CNRS, Institut Français du Proche-Orient, Beyrouth pdf_icon_30x30




AbstractThe article addresses the issue of “the voiceless” from an interactionist perspective, based on the way people interact in their activities. As an interactional linguist, in the first part of the article I propose to address “the voiceless” issue on the basis of the principles of ethnomethodology. The second part of the paper illustrates and questions this research approach. After recalling Goodwin's (2003, 2018) analysis of communication with an aphasic person, which serves as a methodological benchmark, I will observe two situations. One is the example of an exolingual interaction in a medical context, and the second is the case of an informed consent request, a practice which is now considered a compulsory step in the humanities and social sciences for any collection of data for research.


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