Friday 20th of May 2022


Présentation. La parole des sans-voix. Questionnements linguistiques et enjeux sociétaux


Nadine Celotti et Caterina Falbo, Università di Trieste pdf_icon_30x30



AbstractThe articles making up this issue of mediAzioni focus on those people who are unable to make their voice heard and, as a consequence, are supposed to have no agency. In various studies, they are referred to as the inaudible, the invisible, the subaltern, the vulnerable or the voiceless. Starting from Benveniste’s idea that language is inseparable from the notion of human being itself, the authors of the articles gathered here focus on the voiceless and question the relation between absence of voice and lack of agency. By observing the voiceless in interaction in different institutional contexts, it can be seen that the voiceless taken in consideration here are not destined to silence.


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