Thursday 08th of June 2023


La traducción del italiano al español de términos marcados culturalmente: el discurso gastronómico en función de la variación lingüística

Giuseppe Trovato, Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia pdf_icon_30x30


AbstractIn this paper, we aim to analyse - from a qualitative perspective - the treatment of linguistic variation throughout the translation process. Specifically, we intend to study how the translation process of the expressions from the gastronomic field within Andrea Camilleri's prose has been carried out. Therefore, we will carry out a systematization of the most used procedures aimed at translating the diatopic variety, according to the taxonomic and functionalist proposal of Molina Martínez and Hurtado Albir (2002). The conclusions we will formulate point to a wide range of translation techniques adopted in order to maintain, as far as possible, fidelity to the source text.




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