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La perfezione della trama, le falle del racconto. Postille a L’amica geniale

Isotta Piazza, Università degli Studi di Parma pdf_icon_30x30





Abstract: This essay aims to investigate some of the factors that contribute to the global addiction caused by My Brilliant Friend starting from the hypothesis that the series is open to a plurality of transversal levels of interpretation. A first level contributing to the imaginative satisfaction of the series is the tetralogic nature of its plot, investigated here through the topoi of the detective novel. A second factor is its focus on the bildung of the first generation of women capable of growing into free and autonomous individuals who achieve an emancipation that oscillates between satisfaction for the (partial) successes obtained by Elena and the sense of failure of Lila’s experience. Finally, a third factor of addiction to My Brilliant Friend is the narrating voice mimetically similar to the uncertain, lying and clumsy process through which we try to narrate our own lives and, when possible, to explain their meanings.



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