Sunday 16th of June 2024


Approcci e metodologie di ricerca in interpretazione di conferenza

Nicoletta Spinolo e Mariachiara Russo, Università di Bologna pdf_icon_30x30

nicoletta.spinolo(at), mariachiara.russo(at)unibo

AbstractAlthough interpreting is an ancient communicative practice, presumably born together with the birth of language, the interpreting profession, and in particular conference interpreting, has a rather recent genesis. As a consequence, interpreter education and research on interpreting are also recent. The aim of this contribution is to present an overview of Interpreting Studies and of their different research paradigms and fields, focusing on conference interpreting. Therefore, far from being exhaustive, the present contribution aims at providing a concise account of the wealth of approaches, methodologies and research areas that have been thriving over the years. To this end, the following areas are presented together with some of the most representative publications: cognitive studies, studies on the interpreter’s linguistic output, professional and didactic practices and, finally, interpreting and technology.

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